Paper Mache Rock Sculptures

Paper Mache Rock Sculptures by ©Susan McCaslin
Paper Mache Rock Sculptures      ©Susan McCaslin

I have been making paper mache rock sculptures for the last 4-5 years. These are small, they fit in your hand. I have also made large ones, up to 60 inches tall.

Originally they were made to accompany a twig drawing installation.  Building from scratch is something I really enjoy, the sense that what was never there is suddenly in my hands is a great feeling and because these are paper, the painting of the surface is another element to the work that I enjoy. 

I am very process oriented. Mixing the wheat paste (flour and water) with my bare hands is the first and most delicious moment. Balling up the newspaper and taping it together. Applying the first of many layers. Refining and defining the soft spots that become the indentations.  Often I wish people could watch me work to get the sense of what pleasure I derive from the process.

I am currently exhibiting at Crown Gallery in Bridgeport CT.
Exhibiting now at Crown Gallery.