Memory Doll Workshop for Kids

• Four One-Hour Zoom Sessions 
• Self-Guided YouTube Instructional Videos

Saturdays 10-11AM
July 25, August 1, August 8, August 15
Open to New Haven youth, 10-18 Years
Download the flyer.

When you register, you will have access to all four zoom sessions and the YouTube Instructional videos. You may join the zoom classes and or just follow the instructional videos. 

This FREE workshop is limited to 20 registrants. (A parent working with a child will count as one registrant.)

To register for this workshop, tap here.

What is a Memory Doll?

Memories can be good or bad. They help us look back to see where we came from and where we are going. This is an extraordinary time in our lives. To live through a pandemic is something unique and you will want to remember what it was like. What about it has changed your life for the worse or, the better.  

This workshop is about creating a three-dimensional doll (or a sculpture) that holds memories of this spring and summer, just like a diary or a time capsule. What secrets do you want to embed? What memories do you want to secure for the future you?

To register for this workshop, tap here.

Want to know more about art that holds memories and secrets?
Visit the following links to see what these artists are making.
(Please share with me any artists you know who are making story with their art.)

Faith Ringold  
Judith Scott
Marcel Duchamp 
Kara Walker Artist Book 
Louise Borgeois 

About Time Capsules:

This workshop has been funded by the Artists Respond Grant from the State of Connecticut

Additional online support by The Westville Village Renaissance Alliance