Artspace New Haven Annual Gala

Rock Surface Drawings – 12″ x 10″

I was asked to donate a piece of work to the Artspace New Haven Gala, an annual fundraiser for Artspace. I brought both large and small versions of these rock surface works on paper. Betty Jarvis, an art historian and curator, was choosing art and I really enjoyed meeting her. Her appreciation of my work meant a lot to me and if she is reading my blog, here is an official thank you to her. I look forward to meeting her again at the gala.

The image above is a detail of six 12″ x 10″ drawings of rock surfaces that have been marked or have had small pieces of paper attached. I have recently finished large versions of flat rock surfaces, larger than those above. The new ones are 30″ x 22.”

To achieve the effect, I work with wet paper.  I soak the paper in a water bath tinted by ink and I manipulate the paper to create an uneven, rocky surface. 

These works are available through the Flatfile project at Artspace New Haven.