Medallion #1 by Susan McCaslin—”an oval or circular painting, panel, or design used to decorate a building or textile.”

I began this as an accident. I had made an oversized vessel that ended up looking like a trash can and I had the idea that if I made a top for it, it would look less like a trash can — more like a vessel.  No, it did not. 

And so naturally, I added a woman’s head to the trashcan lid! Then when a curator visited my studio, she called it a frieze and she liked it, allowing me to like it —for what it was, no longer a trashcan lid, now a frieze. 

But frieze seemed wrong. Medallion felt better.

Medallion #1-3 by Susan McCaslinAnd now there are three with one more in production. All of these medallions will address the female form, actually, bits and pieces of the female body.  Breasts, hair, brains, hands, and more. 

I am currently exhibiting at Crown Gallery in Bridgeport CT.
Exhibiting now at Crown Gallery.