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Paper Coat #1 
30″ x 52″

Honoring the Fiercely Independent
This piece is made using custom designed pattern pieces which are then cut from hand-dyed newsprint and pieced together with yarn. Dyed sheets of the New York Times were stitched together on a sewing machine to create sections of paper long enough for the pattern.

Tree Hollow at Weir Farm

Tree Hollow at Weir Farm
May 2015
12′ x 17.5′

I made this drawing during my 2015 Weir Farm Residency. This tree outside the studio and I was sure an owl might appear one evening. It looked just like the tree that stood outside my house in Pennsylvania that did have a family of owls living in it. “Tree Hollow at Weir Farm” is a folded drawing. The paper has been soaked and folded repeatedly which adds texture. You can read more about my Weir Farm residency here.


Wall Installation
Oct 14 – Jan 4, 2016
23.5′ x 8′

After installing ‘Wall/Paper’ in Hamden CT, I was invited to re-create the work on an exterior wall. The newspaper would never have withstood the weather so I used roofing paper instead. I painted the pieces with chalk and house paint. After rain, the pieces curled in the sun but flattened again once dry.

I am currently exhibiting at Crown Gallery in Bridgeport CT.
Exhibiting now at Crown Gallery.