AR 111 Albertus Drawing 1 Syllabus

Week 1: Course Description and Grading

Materials: description & uses, choosing media to suit subject and scale, sketchbooks, viewfinders etc.
(use sketchbook to do a minimum of 3 small thumbnail sketches before all assignments)


Week 2: Contour Drawing: Blind & Observational
Drawing Boxes; One and Two Point Perspective;

Ben Nicholson; Donald Judd; Sol Lewitt


Week 3: Contour Drawing: Blind  & Observational
Drawing Fruit, Bottles, and Fabric, Negative Space

Henri Matisse; Giorgio Morandi; Susan Rothenberg


Week 4: Expressive Contour Drawing with non-traditional tools and pigments
Ink, Coffee, Sticks, Combing
Brice Marden


Weeks 5 & 6: Value and Spatial Perception
Creating a value key, Shading techniques discussed; Create Drawings of different Value combinations


Weeks 7 & 8: Expressive Uses of Values
Using repeated lines to create values; Undulating Lines; Cross-hatching techniques

Agnes Martin; Louise Bourgeois


Weeks 9 & 10: Expressive Uses of Values continued
Reflective Surfaces, Clouds, Landscapes
M. C. Escher; Van Gogh


Weeks 11 & 12: Texture: Descriptive Functions and Techniques
Water, Smoke, Pavement, Feathers, Fur, Skin
Vija Celmins; Rick Shaefer


Weeks 13 & 14: Surrealism and Texture: “Transmutation of Form”

Salvador Dali “City of Drawers” ; Rene Magritte


Week 15: Portfolios Due