IVA Panel at Silvermine

Program for the 'Legacy of Silvermine: Artists, Arts and Community' Exhibition and events
Program for the ‘Legacy of Silvermine: Artists, Arts and Community’ Exhibition and events

Today I was honored to be part of a panel discussion at Silvermine Arts Center in New Canaan, CT.  The panel was paying tribute to the Institute for Visual Artists (IVA). The IVA began ran from  1985 through 2002 and was the brainchild of Bonnie Woit. 

The IVA was started as a way for artists to gather together once a month to listen and learn from speakers who were established artists, art critics, curators and other art professionals.

Here is a partial list of speakers: Robert Altman, Gregory Amenoff, Will Barnet, Antonio Frasconi, Suzi Gablik, Cleve Gray, Lester Johnson, Michael Mazur. George McNeil, Jed Perl, Gabor Peterdi, Joan Semmel, Joan Snyder, William Zimmer, David Levinthal, and more.