Flatfile – Artspace New Haven

Susan McCaslin 'Black Vase' (back) ink and collage on paper
Susan McCaslin ‘Black Vase’ (back) ink and collage on paper

Having my work in the Flatfile Collection at Artspace New Haven is an honor. I feel that my work lives among other from many truly talented artists, making my work look even better. I have eight pieces in the Flatfile collection ranging from 22″ x 30″ to 12″ x 16.” Each piece is two sided and a number of them have been folded and treated in water repeatedly to attain a texture that interests me.

The subject of these double-sided pieces are either vessels that hold what is dear or the obsessive walking of a historic itinerant.

I am currently exhibiting at Crown Gallery in Bridgeport CT.
Exhibiting now at Crown Gallery.