When we hurt each other, rather than support each other, we force isolation and repression.



Without confidence and conviction, we isolate and search for protection. The child that is repeatedly bullied, overlooked and ignored grows into an isolated adult. It is the waste of a life and when you multiply that by thousands…hundreds of thousands…millions, we are left with wasted lives and repression (under the misread guise of protection.)

So many of us hide away and never see our own potential. We think we have safety measures in place but those measures only keep us down, keep us under the thumb of our oppressor. Let’s not let the new generations isolate, we must change the way we raise and treat our children.

We MUST increase the love we have for each other. We MUST speak up when we see abuse, and when we speak up, we MUST come from a place of love. Share you capacity of love with another.

Do all you can to help a child gain confidence in themselves. Give them the power of conviction. Appreciate your neighbor, your friend, your family and let them know that they are loved.